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We help small companies with sales, management, problem solving, and innovation development.

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Books, online courses and trainings.

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Problem solving starts by identifying the root causes.

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Problem solving starts by identifying the root causes
Help with business growth, renewal and innovation development.
Help with business growth, renewal and innovation development
75-80% support to develop your business.

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75-100% rahoitus kehityshankkeellesi
Training for business consultants all over Finland.
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Training for business consultants all over Finland

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Customer references

We searched a long time for a suitable consultant who would go through our strategy and future forecast with us. Luckily we found Antti Leijala who is an excellent sparring partner and a great help — Thank you Antti!

There is a lot to do and to learn when starting a company. One of the most challenging things for me was understanding how to improve sales and marketing. What does the customer really expect and need? How do I make myself heard and understood? Where do I find customers? What is crucial for their buying decisions. How do I find the right partnership? Where to find references? Which social media channels to use and how often? These are the questions we went through at our meeting with Antti. The Innovation Voucher has made it possible to plan IhanaElo’s business model and develop the sales process with the help of a professional. Thank you Antti and PKtehokasyritys! Read more on our website (only in Finnish).

Tekes Innovation voucher turned out to be a great help for defining the future of 3D printing. The project included for example an interesting visit to Aalto University’s 3D lab, and making my own 3D printing.

Our innovation collaboration with Antti Leijala resulted in many new ideas, which we believe will increase our customer value in the future. Antti gave our business valuable knowledge, perspective and sparring help. I can recommend Antti Leijala as a partner to help you start and develop innovative operations.

Outside-in root cause analysis strengthened our view of development needs and our company’s direction. Antti highlighted exactly the right weaknesses and needed improvements, now it’s our task to assure we have the right corrective measures in place.

Between December and August, the win rate has been an impressive 95%!! It has improved our overall win rate from 67% to 75%. Great work!!

Antti’s ability to see things from an entrepreneur's or small business owner’s perspective surprised me. I can recommend Antti’s services to all entrepreneurs.

Over 100 small companies helped, and counting

Improving operations is something that can be achieved by any company, of any size, in any field, and at any location. Most of our customers are small companies of 1-9 employees, but we do also deal with some larger companies. We mainly operate in Southern Finland in and near the area of Helsinki. Remote communication tools allow us also to have customers elsewhere in Finland and even internationally. We have, for example, a startup customer all the way across the Atlantic in Chicago, USA.

Our customers operate in diverse fields of business, ranging from a wood-worker to an accountant, a smith to a paint seller, a chimney sweep to a management consultant, and from a restaurant owner to a real-estate agent.

I’m happy to recommend our customers’ services: First Wave Oy Vihti, Puhtoputki Nummela/Vihti, Globe Hope Oy Nummela/Vihti, Stabiili Oy Nummela/Vihti, Urheiluhieroja Panu Leijala Helsinki, Taontapaja Rautarepo Nummela, Jykevä Palvelut Oy Espoo, PoisTieltä Oy Vihti, Karkkilan Painopalvelu Oy Karkkila, Linda Clean Oy Vihti, Nuohouspalvelu Suvensalo Vihti and SANOpalaute Hämeenlinna.

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PKtehokasyritys Ltd. / Antti Leijala

Business identity code 2816241-5

Kytötie 7, FI-03100 NUMMELA, Finland

+358 400 398985

Billing and online billing address

The best way to reach me is to send an email or call during weekdays.


PKtehokasyritys Ltd. offers cloud services, books, business training, online courses and expert consultancy services.

Ultra Lean Business logo

Ultra Lean Business®

While working on my doctoral thesis I discovered a great weakness in the Finnish educational system. Although there are hundreds of public and private educational services for entrepreneurs, the study curriculum lacks attention to several factors crucial for success that an entrepreneur should learn.

Ultra Lean Business training includes books, ebooks and online courses. Choose a way to learn that is best for you!

Ultra Lean Sales logo

Ultra Lean Sales®

Sales improvement starts with target group mapping and understanding the behaviours and buying criteria of those target groups. Only after that basework has been done can your sales processes be improved to the level where the right things are being done at the right time in the right channels. Enroll to Lean-sales training:

Ultra Lean Innovation logo

Ultra Lean Innovation®

The successful commercialization of ideas and innovations depends on efficient management of the bigger picture. Too often the focus is on the innovation itself and important aspects such as customers’ problems, added value for customers, “unfair” competitive advantages, target groups, profitability calculations, and the setting of measurable targets and goals are forgotten.


Ultra Lean Business - entrepreneurship Green Belt 0 €
Innovation Development Using a Business Finland Innovation voucher 0 € / project (value 5000€)
Recognizing problems and making a development plan, funding with ELY support 220 € / day (value 1100€)
Business development (for example growth and renewal), funding with ELY support 300 € / day (value 1200€)
Books 15–25 €
Online courses 0–69 €

Affordable prices for every entrepreneur

We wanted to ensure all entrepreneurs could afford our consultancy without sacrificing the quality of service we provide (quite the opposite!). Our guide books, online courses and cloud services enable you to benefit from our help for just a few euros. You get senior consultant service with the price of an email!

Here are the prices for small businesses (1–9 people), VAT not included. We reserve the right to make changes.

Flexible payment schedule, develop your operations outside peak seasons

You can get 6-9-months time to pay if needed. Collaboration projects can be undertaken during quiet times and paid for later. This means that that development actions might pay for themselves before the bill even arrives!

5 000 € free money to help grow your business

Business Finland offers a 5 000 € (+VAT) Innovation voucher which you can use to gain new knowledge in your company. The innovation voucher is meant for the commerciaIisation and internationalization of a new idea or innovation. During a typical project, we go through the business model, create a strategy for going forward, and create a working sales process based on customer behaviour. On average, it takes an hour to apply and 1-2 weeks to get a decision from Business Finland. Over 90% of applications we've made together with our customers have been accepted. Contact now!

75-80% support to develop your business

Through the ELY centre, you could get support to cover 75–80% of the cost of developing your business. Self employed sole traders can also receive this support up to 18 000 € within a 3-year period. Our analyzing service results in a good understanding of the current state of your business and helps in the development of a clear action plan for the future. Consultation service helps you develop your business cost-effectively with some of the best experts in Finland.

Contact me and I will help you with the application!

Educational institutes and entrepreneur associations receive a noticeable discount

Books, online courses, and training is also available through different educational institutes and package deals can be discussed. In 2018 our courses are available through Helsingin Aikuisopisto, Luksia and Hiiden Opisto.

PKtehokasyritys Ltd.

Books and online course

Ultra Lean Business - entrepreneurship green belt Start course

Ultra Lean Business, entrepreneurship black belt Order course Order book

Ultra Lean Business / Savo, yrittäjjiin mustija vöetä kohen (in Finnish only) Order book

Ultra Lean Sales (in Finnish only) Order book

Lean Six Sigma in Sales – Yin Yang Order book

超级精益商务 创业黑带 Order book

Helping local entrepreneurs in Vihti

Antti Leijala is helping local entrepreneurs in Vihti
Sales training in Vihti

Antti Leijala helps local small and medium companies to increase their competitiveness with an international perspective in mind. Antti is easy to work with and builds a strong relationship with the customer - the development process is based on trust. Profitability is a common goal for all!

Yritysvoimala logo

YritysVoimala in Hyvinkää area offers services for business who want to grow. Contact us!

  • Innovation development for local and international services
  • How can effectiveness be measured?
  • How can effectiveness be constantly improved?
  • Choosing target groups based on buying behaviour and executing sales
  • Avoiding the common mistakes small companies make

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma black belt logo
Antti Leijala has Lean Six Sigma sales black belt

Lean Sigma Six is one of the best problem solving practices in the world. It helps you to find problem areas and improve on them systematically. Practically all large companies use it in some form.

Finnish medium and large companies have had good experiences using the system. The average annual profit per project is over 100 000 €.

In practise, it’s very difficult for a small company (less than 20 employees) to implement the program. Training alone costs approximately 10 000 € per person and takes a month. Very few entrepreneurs can take a month off and keep the knowledge up to date in the future too.

Lean Six Sigma black belt at your service!

You don’t necessarily need to train as a Lean Six Sigma expert to enjoy its benefits. I offer this knowledge in the form of guidebooks, cloud services, online course, mentoring and mutual projects. You get to save time and money without sacrificing quality!

We have helped our customers with for example the following challenges:
  • Renewal of a sales model and putting it in to action
  • Discovering customer purchasing behaviours
  • Identifying competitive advantages and building on them
  • Improving the win rate of quotations
  • Studying the cost-effectiveness of products and improving it
  • Creating a forecasting process and using it to forecast product and service developments
  • Creating a forecasting process for project-based business
  • Renewing and implementing new pricing strategies, pricing models and pricing policies
  • Creating a business strategy and vision, and a concrete plan to implement them
  • Revenue/profitability forecasting with different variants considered (economic trends, decreasing prices/bills etc.)
  • Updating a business plan
  • Creating measurements and following up on them
  • Defining the problem areas of the company
  • Giving an outside view to help the entrepreneur
  • Creating and implementing a working risk management system
  • Clarifying the work tasks
  • Motivating and rewarding employees
  • Putting together a team of advisors to support management
  • Creating an annual calendar/plan
  • Eliminating unprofitable products
  • Analysing competitors and using the insights to improve sales and marketing
  • Improving the entrepreneur's time management and focus on essentials
  • Renewing marketing materials and message
  • Finding the competitive edge of a start-up company, and creating a pricing model
  • Measuring productivity and improving it
  • Planning and starting new areas of business
  • Innovation voucher can be used to get help with product development
  • Sales training for small and medium sized businesses

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