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Streamlining operations does not depend on the field, location or size of the business. The majority of our customers are 1-9 -person micro companies but our customer base also includes larger organisations. They all share the wish to improve and grow their sales. We operate mainly in Vihti, Lohja, Karkkila, Hyvinkää, Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki, and offer services with remote connections for companies in Tampere, Oulu, Turku and Jyväskylä areas. Do you want more sales for your company?

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Do you want to know how to get more sales by increasing the offer win rate?


We offer training, online courses, expert consultation, books, and cloud services.

Ultra Lean Sales®

Sales improvement starts with target group mapping and understanding the behaviours and buying criteria of customers. Only after that basework has been done can your sales processes be improved to the level where the right things are being done at the right time in the right channels.

Ultra Lean Innovation®

The successful commercialisation of ideas and innovations requires efficient management of the bigger picture. Too often the focus is on the solution itself and important aspects such as customers’ problems, added value for customers, “unfair” competitive advantages, target groups, profitability calculations, and the setting of measurable targets and goals for the following years are forgotten

5,000 € support for your business growth

Business Finland gives the opportunity for a 5,000 € (+VAT) innovation voucher that allows you to purchase new knowledge and know-how. The innovation voucher can be given, for example, for the commercialisation or internationalisation of a new idea or innovation. It can also be given to a start-up business, but not for a sole trader. During the project, we will go through the business model, create a strategy and sales process based on customer buying behaviour. The application takes only about an hour to complete and the decision takes about two weeks. Over 90% of the applications we've made together with our customers have been approved. Contact now!

Ultra Lean Consultation®

Through ELY centre (centre for economic development) business development services you may get upto 80% support for your business development. Also, sole traders may get this support even up to 18,000 € over a 3-year time period. With the help of analysing services, you get a clear overall image of the current state of your business at the moment and a clear action plan. Consultation service helps you to develop your business with some of the leading experts in Finland. I will gladly help you with the application. Contact now!

Ultra Lean Books®

Order Ultra Lean Sales
Order Ultra Lean Business, entrepreneurship black belt
Order Lean Six Sigma in Sales – Yin Yang

Ultra Lean Academy®

Familiarise yourself in academic study behind Lean sales, i.e. Internet of Competition (IoC). We organise Lean Sales and entrepreneurship training in cooperation with different parties. See more details of the upcoming courses on our blog where you can also register. Would you like to be our cooperation partner in future courses?

Training schedule


Innovation development utilising Business Finland Innovation Voucher 1,000 €/project
(value 5,000 €)
Business troubleshooting and creating a development plan with the help of ELY funding 260 €/day
(value 1,300 €)
Developing business (for example, growth or renewal) with the help of ELY funding 325 €/day
(value 1,300 €)
Books 10–39 €
Online courses 0–490 €

Affordable prices for every entrepreneur and small company

We wanted to ensure all entrepreneurs could afford our consultancy without sacrificing the quality of service we provide (quite the opposite!). Our guide books, online courses and cloud services enable you to benefit from our help for just some tens of euros. You get senior consultant services with the price of an email! The prices are for 1–9 person companies. VAT will be added to the list prices. We reserve the right to make changes.

Flexible payment schedule, develop your operations outside peak seasons

You can have 6–9-months to pay, if required. Collaboration projects can be undertaken during quiet times and paid for later. This means that that development actions might pay for themselves before the bill even arrives!

Educational institutes and entrepreneur associations receive a noticeable discount

Books, online courses, and training courses are also available through different educational institutes and package deals can be discussed. Ask for a quotation!

Ultra Lean Business

Helping small businesses

BusinessRakentamo logo

BusinessRakentamo – More than advices. Solutions. Highest quality and most agile small business development association in Finland, providing advisory, consultation, training and solution development services for small businesses across Finland. Are you an entrepreneur with special expertise? Join us to gain a nationwide sales channel for your services.

What is Lean Sales?

Antti Leijalan Lean Six Sigma black belt at your service
Antti Leijalalla on Lean Six Sigma myynnin musta vyö

Lean Six Sigma (L6S) is one of the best problem-solving methods in the world that helps find the problem areas of operations and enables you to systematically improve those areas. Practically all large companies and corporations use LEAN in some form to streamline their production and service processes.

UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd. has developed a Lean Sales model that works in all fields, for all companies, from sole traders to corporations. Lean Sales is especially effective in the B2B sector for improving sales and offer win rate. Read more about our training courses or contact us!

We have helped our customers with the following challenges:

  • Building the sales processes
  • Creating a vision and strategy for the business
  • Discovering customer buying behaviours
  • Discovering the challenge areas of the business
  • Entrepreneur’s time use - focusing on the essential
  • Giving an outside view to help the entrepreneur
  • How to win an offer
  • Identifying the competitive edges and weaknesses
  • Measuring sales effectivity and forecasting process
  • Planning and implementing new business operation areas
  • Renewing and implementing new pricing strategies, pricing models and pricing policies
  • Working risk management systems

Do you want more sales?

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